Energy to form to energy


The origins of my search for form are varied  – 

I used to love watching dance and the flow of water, and when I started practicing Yoga and Tai Chi in my late teens, the inner world opened up a desire to find metaphors for the hidden forces in and around us.

Dynamical systems

The boundaries between matter and energy are fluid ...

Attractive forces

Water and air show the interplay of attractive forces in the physical world, but there are many systems, mostly invisible, and sometimes abstract. I think this is what captivated me to pursue the forms I am creating, that they seem to emerge out of a force field of attractive and repulsive forces, as well as wave oscillations…

Fields of tension

In the cosmos, there is an interplay of centripetal and centrifugal forces – gravity and inertia. There are simple systems, like an elliptic orbit, and then there are more complex systems, like a planet orbiting two suns or the collision of galaxies. We are lucky that we live in a relatively stable system, having allowed life and consciousness to flourish.

Pliable surfaces

The idea of a surface rather than a volume may seem a bit abstract, but there are boundary layers in liquids and gases that do have as good as zero volume, and there are many types of membranes in organisms that also qualify as surfaces.

For a surface to yield freely to forces it needs to be able to stretch and expand, assuming both negative, saddle-shaped and domed, positive curvature.

Negative curvature is associated with tension, suction and rotation, positive curvature is associated with pressure and containment. 


The search is twofold -
in matter and in virtual space. . .

Minimal surfaces

Arising from surface tension seeking to minimise energy and thus surface area, a surface spanning a non planar boundary or wire form assumes negative, anticlastic curvature.

Dynamical Systems

The study of complex systems such as the weather has resulted in some surprising discoveries through their mathematical definition and parametrisation.

Virtual worlds

Advances in software and hardware over the last few years have made it a compelling medium to become immersed in immaterial forcefields...

Inner and outer visions

Engaging with the world fluidly -
in matter and in virtual worlds

I see both approaches as equally valid – 
one allows a more visceral engagement, the other gives greater freedom beyond the constraints of matter.

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“For the past twenty years, my work has focused on the creation of sheet metal forms based on dynamic, orbital curves. This was initially inspired by a series of diagrams drawn by a device that records the interaction of two pendulums, a harmonograph. The diagrams create an illusion of ribbon-like surfaces that twist freely while retaining a sense of rhythm and symmetry.”