Times China
via Urban Art Projects




Shigang Road, Guangzhou




Patinated brass, 2.7m x 5m x1.8m


Threefold is one of two works for Times China’s impressive residential development at Shigang Road, Guangzhou. The client was looking for sculptural forms that have a strong dynamic but peaceful presence.

Threefold by Ben Storch, Photo by Rex Zhou
Threefold by Ben Storch, photo credit Rex Zhou
Photo credit all images:: Rex Zhou (

The form consists of a single knot that loops through itself, creating a continuous single sided surface, like a moebius strip. It started with a simple sketch of a space curve, which then takes some experimentation which crossings of the knot fold forward and which fold back. The toroidal nature of the knot creates a sense of vortex like motions, but it is more assymetrical when compared to ‘Solar’, ‘Study in Motion’ or ‘Evolve’.

Threefold by Ben Storch

‘The project was managed by Urban Art Projects Shanghai, who also fabricated the sculptures in their workshops on the outscirts of the city. I am always grateful for their support and skilled team of panel beaters who do such an amazing job with these complex forms and transitions of curvature.